Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

 1. What is the deference between Available and on request hotels?      

• Available hotels: are those which you can get an immediate confirmation upon making your reservation
• On request hotels: our team will do its best to get you the confirmation within 24hrs from the request date

2. How do I know if my Hotel reservation is confirmed?

If you book a hotel that is showing "Available" confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If you make an "On Request" booking, assuming the hotel is able to accommodate your request, you will receive a confirmation email from us within48 hours. Confirmation emails will include full booking details and confirm the price you have to pay. If an "On Request" booking cannot be confirmed by the hotel, we will advise this to you by email within 48 hours.

3. Do I need to confirm my booking with the hotel directly?

No you don't, the confirmation email received from Wastco Tours is your final confirmation.

4. Children Policy?

Wastco Tours is going to provide children policy case by case on the confirmation email as each hotel has its own children policy.

5. Cancellation policy? 

Cancelation policy is as follows: 

A. Disneyland Paris: 

Upon the receipt of confirmation, no change of name is possible and in case of cancellation, the following charges expressed as percentage of the full package price will be applied:
Up to 30 until 10days prior to arrival 25%
Up to 15 until 03days prior to arrival 50%
Up to 07 until 0days prior to arrival 100%
Early check out 100%
No- Show (no re-booking possible even within date of no show) 100%

B. Hotels in main cities from Wastco Tours Rate list: 

In case of cancellation, the following conditions will be applied unless other conditions are specified in the confirmation email. 
No-show 02 nights charge 
Early check-out 01 night charge
Cancellation received less than 7 working days prior to arrival 01 night charge 
(Weekends & bank holidays are not considered as working days)
During fairs and events special condition will be advised on the confirmation

C. Hotels in Ski resorts (Zell am see\ St. Moritz\ Zermatt… etc)
In case of cancellation, the following charges expressed as percentage of the full package price will be applied, unless other conditions are specified:
Up to 30days prior to arrival 25%
Up to 15days prior to arrival 100%
No-show 100%
Early check-out 100%

6. Payment policy?
Full prepayment should be made before client’s arrival; however Wastco Tours can offer a limited credit facility equivalent to the amount of bank guarantee or a deposit payment. 
Payments for services provided should be made by bank draft to the following Bank Account:

Bank Account: 

Please Find Below Details For our accounts with USD :



Bank Name         : NSGB 

Account  NO       : 000370070920312629333 – 91 USD
Branch                : Giza



7. Who do I contact if I need help?

3 Ibn Kather st.(Swiss tower)Cornish El Nile


Fax : (202)37629248

Reservation related queries : 




8. Do children receive discounted rates?

The policy regarding child reductions varies from hotel to hotel. Where these discounts apply, they are passed on to you. This can be verified on the confirmation email, where the booking total is confirmed prior to payment being taken.

9. Do you sell city tours?

Yes we do sell city tours, you can send your request to our main email

 and we will provide quotation for your request within 48hrs

10. How do I keep up to date with deals at Wastco Tours?

You can send an email requesting to be submitted to our mailing list to info@worldaviation-services.com  "including your name, job title, country… etc"

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